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Here at Mark Our Words, we are committed to providing you proofreading and editing services of the highest caliber at the most affordable prices. Before we can provide you these great services, you need to read and familiarise yourself with the following Terms and Conditions. They're important!

The use of this service by any individual is premised on the informed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. The registration process expressly informs you of the need to read these Terms and Conditions before proceeding on the use of the services provided by MOW.

(1) Introduction

i) These Terms and Conditions are effective as of 15 March 2011. 

ii) By registering with Mark Our Words, you are agreeing with these Terms and Conditions. 

iii) The terms ‘Mark Our Words’ (‘MOW’), ‘Our’, ‘We’, ‘website’ are representative of the owners of Mark Our Words websites under <http://www.markourwords.com> and <http://www.markourwords.com.au>. The term ‘User/s’ refers both to visitors to the site and registered users of the site. The term ‘service’ refers to any product or service offered and delivered by/through MOW, both through the website, its employees and owners. The term ‘Personal information’ is any data that can be used in such a way as to contact and/or identify a particular individual. The term ‘document’ refers to any electronic file that is uploaded or submitted onto the website.

iv) All information conveyed on the website is correct as of 22 June 2012. 

(2) Limitation of Liability

The User holds full and absolutely responsibility for the content of his or her work and for the implementation of any changes or alterations to any submitted documents as suggested by us. MOW will not be responsible for the content of any submitted work. To the maximum extent permitted by law in the Australian jurisdiction, MOW excludes completely any and all liability incurred by any person for any loss and/or damage however caused from the provision of our services. If there are no comments or enquires regarding the edited document after a period of seven days from the date of submission, then it will be deemed that User will have approved of the services provided by MOW. Should there be an unreasonable breach of warranty for the reasonable provision of our services, the liability of MOW will be limited strictly to the redelivery of editing services, or for the payment of the cost of having the services delivered again.

(3) Indemnification

Upon submission of a document, the User agrees to fully indemnify MOW, its employees and any other individual affiliated with the operation of the service from any inconsistencies and/or inaccuracies associated with the completeness, suitability, sequence and statements associated with the User’s document.

(4) Discretion to refuse to edit certain document/s

MOW may exercise its discretion to refuse to edit, correct or amend certain submitted documents. These documents include, but are not limited to, work that is deemed to be offensive, objectionable or plagarised. Documents that cannot be edited and delivered back to the User within his or he requested time will not be edited. Should this power to exclude be exercised, MOW will provide a full refund of the cost paid by the site visitor within 24 hours of giving notice of refusal to edit.

(5) Illegal and/or unauthorized use

The User will not use our services for any illegal or unauthorized purposes, including but not limited to the uploading, transmitting or emailing of any material that is in direct violation of Australian copyright law, trademark law or any other governing law protecting the intellectual property of an individual. The User will not to submit any document to MOW that contains any materials that may give rise to any liability for MOW, including but not limited to, materials that are infringing, illegal, sexually explicit, defamatory and any other objectionable material. The User will not submit any document that contains materials that is likely to adversely affect the reputation and public image of MOW.

(6) Intellectual property (IP) rights

Any document uploaded by the user will be claimed by right of the user alone. Following submission of any document, MOW will not have any right or claim to the work submitted online by the user. The owners, employees and any other individual directly affiliated with the operation of MOW are bound to confidentiality agreements to protect your IP rights. The User, therefore, holds full responsibility to ensure that the content of uploaded document does not violate any copyright law, trademark law or any other governing law protecting the intellectual property of an individual. The User is responsible for obtaining all licenses or rights that govern the content of his or her documents. The User is responsible for ensuring that the content of their document complies with the policies of the University, School or any other organization or body.

(7) Control over User accounts

Mow reserves the right to suspend, modify or cancel the accounts of any User with or without the giving of timely notice. The exercise of this reserved right may be performed at any time at the discretion of MOW to the exclusion of any liability on behalf of both MOW and to the User.

(8) Amendments to these Terms and Conditions

Should any changes be made to these Terms and Conditions, notification of the changes will be displayed in the ‘News & Announcements’ page. MOW reserves the right to amend any portion of these Terms and Conditions and will ensure that such changes, whether minor or major, be brought to the attention of the online user or online visitor before the changes take effect. Once notice of these changes have been given, your use of our services shall be deemed to be in conjunction with your acceptance of these new amendments to the Terms and Conditions. While the team at MOW endeavour to ensure that all information that is contained on any of the pages on the website is correct, we shall not be held liable for any damage or loss arising from any omission or inaccuracy of such information.

(9) Copyright and trade marks

We own the trade marks ‘MARK OUR WORDS’ and the associated logo and thereby reserve all rights in relation to them. We reserve all rights associated with the copyright in the content and design of this website under licence or applicable law.

(10) Refunds

MOW will only provide a refund of the cost only in the event that the work submitted is not returned to the User by his or her desired deadline that is agreed upon between the User and MOW prior to the submission of the document. For no other reason will refunds be given where the submitted work has been completed by or on the agreed deadline. Where the quality of the submitted work is unreasonable, the liability of MOW extends only to the giving of credit to the User for use on future submissions.

(11) Links to and/or from other sites

We do not bear any responsibility nor provide any warranty for any content produced on the websites to which we provide links to on our site. These sites are produced and maintained by third parties. MOW does not have any endorsement, approval or control over any of these third party websites.

(12) Contact

Should you have any questions, comments and queries about these Terms and Conditions, please Contact Us.