How Changes Are Made

We'll make sure that nothing is left out when we proofread your paper. Find out more about how 'Track Changes' work below!

We use a function called 'Track Changes' within the Microsoft Word program in order to highlight the changes that are made to your paper. With Track Changes, you can choose to accept or to reject the correction that is made. It's that easy!

See below for all the different types of Track Changes that we make: 

1. Grammar, Syntax and Writing Suggestions

We provide suggestions, grammar rules and tips on how to improve your writing skills. Let us teach you how to express your ideas clearly! (Comments in RED)



2. Vocabulary and Spelling

We will carefully check your vocabulary, spelling and tense, performing changes and suggesting alternative words where necessary. (Vocabulary changes in GREEN)


3. Formatting and Punctuation 

We know that even the little things such as formatting and punctuation matter. That's why we'll make sure all these aspects are fully covered in our review of your document! (Formatting and punctuation changes in BLUE)



4. Comprehensive Evaluations and Feedback

We understand how useful and important it is to receive personalised feedback for each piece of writing. That's why we'll provide comments to specific paragraphs and to the overall piece of the writing! (Comments given in BLUE text)


(Please note that the Track Changes function can only be used with documents submitted in the .doc or .docx format)